Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Father's Day gift: "Funardening"

I was so happy this Father's Day to receive a signed first edition copy of Funardening: Advice from Lily and Theo on how to make gardening more fun! 

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"Get lots of cool bugs in your garden."

My bugs are one of the best things about my garden, providing pollination, soil structure improvement, breakdown of organic matter, and of course education and entertainment!
"Plant lots of nice flowers in your garden."

This is one I've been working on! Some of my flowers are "just here": rhododendron, clover, lilac, roses, dandelion. But I've come to recognize that I need more flowers to help keep my local pollinators strong, and provide a better variety of habitats year-round for my other critters.
"Scoop dirt into buckets so you can find worms."

We love earthworms in this family, and if I dig with an audience I often have to pause so the rescue squad can relocate them to a choice garden bed! Being delivered worms by Lily and Theo is a high compliment. They pick the plants that they want to grow the most -- often the strawberries, tomatoes, or snap peas!
"Make sure to always water the garden with a sprinkler so we can play."

There's just something exciting about falling water. A great way to cool off!
"Let lots of lady bugs play in your garden."

We all know that lady bugs are great helpers, but I learned this year that they eat the most aphids in their larval state! This is just one more reason why supporting a variety of plants for a year-round life cycle is so important.

"Don't forget Lily is an excellent helper in the garden."

Don't I know it! Lily loves to help me dig, plant, transplant, water, search for slugs, and so much more! Theo didn't take his own page, but he's just as helpful -- not to mention the strongest seven-year-old I know!
"Our Family: Don't get Rained on! Happy Father's Day Dad! We love you! And there is more. Ask us and we will tell you!"

Just yesterday I was out in the garden working with Lily and it started raining on us. "I don't mind," she said, and helped me string up the tomatoes while we got soaked to our skin! I'm looking forward to having them tell me all about fun in the garden!

Sadly this printing is sold out, but keep your eyes open next time you're in your local book or garden store!

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